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Standard Data Service

SVADSS offers you a standard online data management service packages that meet the basic needs of your project.
It doesn’t matter which hardware (sensors, data logger technology, …) you want to use, whether different transmission technologies (Internet, mobile communications, NBIoT, LoRaWAN, …) are used and which data protocols (FTP, MQTT, LoRa, HTTP/Restful , …) you use. We integrate all data for you into a single data pool.
You will have an universal access to all your data and measuring devices via your online data portal.

Your data is updated 4 times a day in the standard package and is available to you online immediately after the acquistion. You also have the option of a manual data transfer to the data management if automatic transfer is not possible.

Other features of the standard data service are

  • Storage of the data in a SQL database on our own servers
  • Standard visualizations over any filterable periods and sensors
    • Single charts
    • Categorized charts
    • Combined charts
    • Overview of the sensor states
    • Table views
    • Convenient chart for visual data analysis of long time series
  • Automatic standard evaluation during measurement data acquisition
  • Data download as csv file by authorized customers or employees
  • Daily status report from your system and sensor states
  • Long-term data storage and provision, even after the end of the project

Advanced Data Service

Extended data service modules are standard solutions that can be booked independently of the term of the agreed standard package and extend our standard solutions for additional requirements. Examples are

Sensor monitoring

  • Short data acquistion intervals for using the online visualization for current sensor monitoring

Data download

  • Provision of other data formats and models

Event management

  • Automatic processing of sensor and system events
  • Transmission of status reports per week/month
  • Transmission of alarm messages

Extended standard visualizations and evaluations

  • Advanced visualization functions
  • Data visualization with sensor state
  • Merging to daily, monthly or yearly statistical values of several sensors
  • Statistics modules

The list of advanced data services is constantly expanding. Contact us if you have specific requirements.

Exclusive Data Service

Exclusive data service modules are individual solutions that will be developed especially for you. The services are therefore developed and provided in a direct customer dialogue. Examples are

Data import and archiving

  • Individual integration/merging of external, existing data repositories
  • Archiving and providing data for download

Event management

  • Individual alarm and event systems
  • Integration of cumulative events

Logbook and Servicing

  • Log creation and processing by the customer
  • Operator logbook
  • Capture external events
  • Calibration log and reminder function
  • Creating reports from logs and servicing

Data visualization and analysis

  • Individual visualizations and statistics modules
  • Provision of additional data areas for manually derived measurement data and levels (manual testing, recalibration, linearization, processing, etc. …)
  • Development and integration of individual data models / analysis

Data processing

  • Manual or automatic data validation according to customer specifications with test reports
  • QM-Check: Quality reports of the sensors/measuring systems
  • Preparation of scripts for integrating data and visualizations into the customer website

Other Services

We have a great experience on IT projekts for more than 20 years and can offer you also a wide range of services on IT Solutions for your projects and IT systems. Examples are

Inhouse solutions

  • Consulting and provision of software modules for combined or pure inhouse data management if online data management is not desired or not possible.
  • Parallel provision of the data on the customer’s own database servers

Data Network

  • Providing measurement data between customers including evaluation reports on the data

Data Management Consulting

  • Consulting on development and provision of optimized and efficient measurement and data management systems with regard to hardware, software, transmission technologies and data protocols
  • Development of individual software for measurement data acquisition and processing

Just contact us to get an impression of our manifold capabilities and take advantage of our more than 20 years of experience.